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How do I register?

Simply select the desired event date/time. Fill out basic information, pay, then BOOM! You are on your way to an amazing experience you will never forget.

May I register onsite?

Unfortunatly no. We must prepare and plan ahead so everyone has a fully immersive experience. Bookings close 1 hour prior to an event.

May I recieve a refund?

Sales are final but might be eligible for a transferrable credit. We require 14 days notice prior to an event date to reschedule or transfer. Just give us a call and/or email and we will be happy to assist you. If an event is cancelled, you will receive a credit to reschedule or a full refund.

May I book a private event?

Absolutely, check out our private experiences tab!

Age limit?

18+ is required. However, at private events, all ages are allowed with parental consent.

Are there any discounts?

We do offer a military discount and occasional promotional coupons through our mailing list. We will need to verify your CAC card via email and then you will recieve a discount code after verification!

Rain or shine?

Weather doesn't have any effect our experience, the show goes on!

Will there be any alcoholic beverages?

No. To maintain awareness and an enjoyable event for everyone, we do not allow or serve alcohol. Any alcohol brought will be confiscated and the player or parties involved will be asked to leave. Please come sober.

Will I be scared?

Intruder Escape is a very immersive horror experience in which yes, depending on ones fear level of intruders, darkness and seclusion*, it is very scary.

Will I be touched?

In a regular season, yes, lightly on the wrists and/or shoulder to guide you to a scene. PLEASE DO NOT PHYSICALLY HARM THE ACTORS OR YOU WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PROPERTY WITH NO REFUND.

May I play again?


May I take photos/videos?

Cell phone and camera use are strictly prohibited.

It's dark, right?

Intruder Escape is on a 5-10 acre estate with showtimes at sun down/ nightfall. It will get dark but we will provide you with a flashlight to use throughout the experience. We still encourage you to be cautious and safe throughout the night!

I am concerned about safety...

Safety is our number one priority. Follow all the rules found on your ticket, confirmation email, and verbally listed by an actor as well on the release form you sign on at the event.

May I bring my cellphone

Absolutely but no cellphone use is allowed during the game.

What do I need to pack?

Just your lovely self. Although we recommend a light jacket, closed toed shoes and comfortable clothes.

May I smoke or vape?

No smoking or vaping of any kind on the premises.

Can my friends and I play together?

Absolutely, you may be separated in the game but groups are encouraged and a lot of fun.

What might get me removed from an event?

Disqualifications may include but are not limited to: Cheating, saying the safety word, disrupting someone elses route, abuse to the staff, objects and/or location. Not obiding by Covid-19 precautions and policies. Removal may include but are not limited to: Harrasment, theft, destruction of property, cheating, endangering staff or other player, breaking any safety rules, disruption of safety measures, bringing marijuana, alcohol, drugs, etc. Not obiding by Covid-19 precautions and policies. Termination can be decided by the producer onsite and at any time. No refund or credit will be given, you will be escorted off the premises immediately.

Is there a safety word?

The safety word is Beetlejuice. If you use this word, you have one of two options: A) Be removed from the event B) Be removed from the current situation and continue your journey

What If I am late?

We will wait up to 10 minutes after the scheduled call time. If you cannot make it, we apologize but we cannot accommodate any further as our gates will be shut. No transfers or refunds will be granted.

What is the minimum amount of players required for an event?

No minimum.

Where is the event?

Los Angeles County, you will receive an email with the exact location after booking.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Currently we are not. There are stairs, and uneven surfaces.

How physical is this event?

Although we are not an extreme haunt you will have to climb stairs, experience un even surfaces, hide and sneak away.

Are you operating in 2020?

Unfortunately, we are unable to operate safely for the remainder of 2020 for in-person performances. However, we have made an app for you to enjoy! Go to the DOWNLOAD page to download in the app store!

Can I download the app if i've played before?

Absolutely, this is a brand new experience...

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