Introducing our brand new first person interactive horror experience! Players from all across the globe at anytime make decisions and explore routes while a home invasion is taking place! At their fingertips!


Make a bad decision and you will die...we guarantee it as there are multiple way to die and multiple ways to live. 

- Intruder Escape

The Experience

1 hour & 30 minute 


Access to our Spotify playlist for the drive up.

$59 Per Player 

No taxes or fees

Based on "Strangers" and "You're Next", Intruder Escape (IE) is a new breed of live entertainment, we like to call "Immersive Experience."  Similar to an escape room, IE requires you to solve puzzles, tasks and scavenge for answers and clues but you are not bounded into a designated room! You have full control in this free roaming experience. Where you go and how you play on the beautifully wicked property is entirely up to you, all while having incredible storytelling by live actors to fully immerse yourself into our world.


The experience includes a pre-show/Introduction, the game itself, as well as a closing show. It's a race against time, other people and the intruders that will be relentlessly hunting for you while you attempt to gather artifacts from different routes and return them to gain a point. This is an interactive, hands on  and thrilling experience, fit for anyone who needs to get a bit closer to being in a real horror movie. 


Nobody is safe and everyone will feel the emotions of being alone, stalked and the adrenaline of hiding, sneaking and solving as many tasks as you can. This is your game, we just live in it. 

This is a thrilling, horror adventure. We do not use nudity, curse words or over the top gore, we believe it is an 6.5/10 fear score.

In a regular season, yes.

2020, you WILL NOT be touched, as it is virtual.

We are NOT an extreme haunt

A beautifully eerie property in Los Angeles County. Exact address, will be provided after booking.

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