Introducing our brand new first person interactive horror experience! Players from all across the globe at anytime will make decisions and explore routes while a home invasion is taking place!

Control a character who arrives to a surprise getaway with no sign of her rendezvous boyfriend. As she explores the castle and awaits his arrival, a group of intruders break in to try and hunt her down. Will she get out alive or will the intruders catch their prey?

Coming October 2020 to the app store.


 - Intruder Escape

The Experience

Explore multiple death and survival routes. Kill her for fun!

Play from Anywhere!

2020 approved.

$2.99 per Download on the App Store

Based on "Strangers","You're Next", and"Bandersnatch", Intruder Escape (IE) is a new breed of entertainment, we like to call an Immersive Experience. Players will enjoy a first person cinematic experience faced with decisions that alter the outcome in the game. With a variety of deaths and endings, our app allows for you to enjoy the story from multiple perspectives depending on the path you choose.Our unique first person point of view, allows for the user to completely immerse into our world.

Ready to play?

This is a thrilling, horror adventure with jump scares, tension and gory goodness. We believe it is an 7/10 fear score.

Emotionally, yes.

Physically, no.

Couch. Hammock. Graveyard. Anywhere you want!

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