Intruder Escape, LLC

Los Angeles, CA

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We thank you for an incredible 2019 season as it was our biggest year yet and we cannot wait to share what we have in store for the upcoming season. Our new theme for 2020 will be announced at the largest horror convention, Midsummer Scream from July 31st to August 2nd. For those whom cannot wait a few months and want a hint...Twinkies.

For more information about Midsummer Scream, click the button below! We hope to see you there.

- Intruder Escape

The Experience

1 hour & 45 minute 


Access to our Spotify playlist for the drive up.

$59 Per Player 

No taxes or fees

Based on "Strangers", "Midsommar" and "You're Next", Intruder Escape (IE) is a new breed of live entertainment, we like to call "Immersive games."  Similar to an escape room, IE requires you to solve puzzles, tasks and scavenge for answers and clues but you are not bounded into a designated room, you have full control in this free roaming experience. Where you go and how you play on the beautifully wicked property is entirely up to you, all while having incredible storytelling by live actors to fully immerse yourself into our world.


There are endless amount of approaches on how to play our game but If you are caught by an intruder, you are placed in a trap and stripped from a point that you must regain after you escape the trap! This experience is an interactive and thrilling experience, fit for anyone who whats to get a bit closer to being in a real horror movie. (light touching on the wrists and shoulder to guide you to your trap, we are not an extreme haunt)

Whether you play solo, with a partner or a team, every game is different and equally fair. How? We change our puzzles, answers and locations often, as well as the uncontrolled factor of being caught and stripped from a point. Nobody is safe and everyone will feel the emotions of being alone, stalked and the adrenaline of hiding, sneaking and solving as many tasks as you can!

This is your game, we just live in it. 

This is a thrilling, horror adventure. We do not use nudity, curse words or over the top gore, we believe it is an 6/10 fear score

You will be lightly touched on the wrists and/or shoulders to help guide you to the trap when caught.

We are NOT an extreme haunt

A beautifully eerie property in Encino, CA. Exact address, will be provided after booking

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